hugs and kisses

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laughs on fox

I will be on laughs on fox network.

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Thanks for drawing, and gave me some booty.

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I will figure how to post  it right ltr.


I’m gonna take a nap.

I had interview at 920am, met my girl P( If you don’t care about my day go to made edamame, throw edamame in her ears, beg her if I can put make up on her, I miss having my barbie dolls. l had dancing barbie, I chopped her hair and made her look all dyke. She looked like skinny Rosie O’Donnell so I throw her out. We went to Runyon, Everybody checked me out. I mean, everyone=all the dogs. Dogs always second look at me. They’d walk by me, I look back, I see them checking my ass out. 


I need to take a nap a bit before.

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FR*A Magazine

New FR*A site. I modeled shirt for them before.

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I like








patient people


my girl friends

my fans


ppl who leaves me comments( I love you.)










girls who get drunk and act gay

but I am straight.



Jesus )People who can express their emotions.

back rub


bath tub

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The metamorphosis. Franz kafka, loose stool.

I remember reading book by Kafka as a kid, thinking, what if I wake up one day, I was a worm? That’s pretty cool because I’m going to ditch school. I don’t need to come up excuse like”I’m sick.” I just tell teacher that I’m sorry I turn into a worm I have no feet to go. please expel me.” The end.  Loose stool is just my favorite phrase for this week. Also, butter squash. It sounds like such a fun vegetable. It’s butter and squash. All in one world. But I do not like the taste.

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I like drawing that looks like me(or better version of me:))

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Adventure of Ninja Mohawk Turtle

Part 1


 Part 2


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