still talkin bout boys and at my age I’m into egg ornament

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grace su’s gas bill is $105.78

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happi new year!

I’m at Grace’s house with and She’s making us beef noodles called nyolo mei.

I’ve been cat/dog sitting for past week. and I f’in hate animals. and babies. and because I don’t know how to say no, Then I got emotionally attached to a cat. Now, I’m dog sitting and my friends told me I have to throw a ball. But I’m not into it.

all my girl friends has men problem and my problem is how to juggle those animals. I’m a cat person, I found out but yet I’m responsible parent.

I had shows everyday, and have 2 jobs my friend said I work like single mom with 4 kids. I am. my kids areeating alpos and friskys/ and my kids shed awfully a lot.

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San Dieggggooo my legggo

my bday, I was fortunate to work( I put it that way) and went to American comedy co in san Diego. real fun, cool peeps. BUT at the club there was so many signs, I was like what the hell??

3 shows today laughfactory and flappers and all that
to be honest I shouldn’t do that many, I’m burnt lika wonderbread

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my favorite pastor Julie. I love you deary.

so, my beloved pastor julie mentioned me on her page, I’d like not to curse. out of respect. ( f#$% yeah!) today I have set at laugh factory and they told me to be clean, and it seems like my first day after my bday is focusing on cleansing.

I follow anything jesus says.
You are very special to me, You came to my show at J spot and pray, and study over skype many time. Anyone who meets you is very lucky, I love you Joolz.

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pastor julie shared

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princess of egypt & Gravy

I saw princess of egypt, I usually hate disney movie, I think they are gay and should be frozen just like walt disney, but princess of egypt, based on moses freeing all the slave, gave me courage. so I went to atlanta. and It was scary as I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t have enough money. people told me it will be real black. andI was like yeah, ok I’ve taken hiphop class. it was BLAAAAACK. But me going there, did my best( actually it was pretty good.) and on the way home I was happy that I did it.

My mom send me to camp for autism/ shy kids.
That summer changed me. I couldn’t poop for a week because I was afraid. I felt same way and I must say I was afraid. I went to market to buy chicken and there was robbery there. But I made friends and met lot’s of security.( In atlanta, I think everyone works as security)
I hope to go back in different circumstance.

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hope ur labor day is going without laboring.

went to homedepo, cooked for my bible study, wonder about how canada is, then thought bout what my friend said ” Aiko you move around so much.” so, I tried to sit still. It was painful. I really like jumping around. I think if I were an animal, I’d be a kangaloo. all of sudden it’s a great idea because you get to put some munchies in my pocket. Why didn’t I think of that before? 

They say don’t drink and drive, but don’t eat and drive neither Coffee crumb cake is the worst. 


I cooked fried rice with curry flavor, it’s easy, try it.

stir fry rice, egg,garlic, minced beef. green onion.

then you just put pouch of premaid Japanese curry  over it. high heat.

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Thanks for drawing, and gave me some booty.

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